Monday, 25 February 2013

Burning CDs

Burning you own CDs on your desktop can be achieved in less than 5 minutes. Almost anybody with fingers can do it! CD burners are cheaper than ever, the price just keeps going down. Things seem perfect for you to produce your own CD at home. WRONG!!!!

Are you thinking doing it yourself is the easiest thing to do? And yet why do professional artists seek professionals to make their CDs? I've seen so many new artists do it to cut expenses and they regret it in the end. If you really, really want to make copies of your album at home, be prepared to:

1. Spend lots of time waiting. Yes, you could wait for each disc to burn, take it out, put another blank disc in. Make a brew, take that one out, put another one in. Take that one out after if fails to write, smash the computer up and spend all your wages on a new computer. Best let the pros do it.

2. Spend more. I ain't making this up look at the numbers. Take this job as an example, 1000 CDs that have been printed full color and packed in a jewel case with a gloss 2 page booklet and inlay. What's it gonna cost you, Verbatim inkjet printable discs £198; Standard jewel cases £131; Paper and inlays £160. So that's £489 before you add the VAT then don't forget to add the price of the ink which I don't even want think about. Then add your time, time is money. Best let the pros do it.

3. Get a nervous condition, from all the discs arriving back when they don't work in someone's 1984 CD player. Duplication companies, use the best equipment and give the best service to every customer because their reputation is on the line. Best let the pros do it.

4. Have no time to do CD promotion. Making 1000 copies of your CD at home will leave you exhausted, poor and sick of the sight of your own CD. Plus you won't have any time to do any promotion. Why have a product to sell if nobody knows about it. Best let the pros do it.

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